Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Friends of Mine, Melbourne

Deciding on where to go for Brunch in Melbourne is like trying to decide on a wine for a friend’s dinner party; there is just so much to choose from that you end up going for an old fav or living dangerously and trying something completely new. I am ashamed to admit it but I tend to be a creature of habit... You can never go wrong with a trusty haunt, right?My lovely friend Bridie, alerted me to the fact that this habitual behaviour is “So not Melbourne.” Now as a newcomer to the “Mexican” way of life (living south of the boarder) I was slightly insulted but now determined to win back some respect from the local!In an attempt to kick my old habits, I decided that for our Sunday brunch catch up we should check out a café called Friends of Mine on Swan St, Richmond. Neither of us had been there before (tick). 

Despite the coolish weather, we snapped up a table outside (when there are 20 people behind you in the line, you can’t afford to be picky). From where I was sitting I could peer inside and see the funky exposed brick interior mixed with some old school glam. The freshly faced waiters ran around the café like excited children in a candy shopping delivering plated goodies to salivating customers…by now I was one of them!

I decided on smashed avocado with thyme buttered mushrooms and the optional poached egg on top. Delicious! This perfect Sunday feast was served on chunky wholegrain toast with a generous coating of marinated feta and fresh basil leaves.

After another latte and some more chit chat, I left feeling delightfully full and satisfied that I had experienced a new pocket of Melbourne’s amazing foodie scene. I am definitely going to be returning pronto. I just won’t tell Bridie. J

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