Thursday, 14 June 2012



When ‘One’ is in their late 20s, having recently purchased a very old, somewhat falling down house, establishing their own business and with a penchant for clothes shopping (any guesses who?!), ‘One’ cannot afford to take themselves to Est, one of Sydney’s finest (arguably its very finest) restaurant. Luckily, ‘One’ has landed on her feet, with very generous parents who take me there with them.

I had my second visit to Est recently. ‘Foodie Wanker’ is probably the best way to describe someone taking lots of photos on their phone in a divine restaurant rather than just enjoying the experience, but that is the sacrifice I had to make to bring you some pretty average pictures of some absolutely amazing food.

Does anyone else find in fine-dining restaurants, that the entrées and desserts are really the hero meals and the mains are just what happen in between? So here I’ll give you a snapshot of the heroes of the night.

For an entrée I had ‘salad of spanner crab, heart of palm, avocado, pink grapefruit, mint and lemon’. If I could have a triple size of these served for my lunch every day, I would be a happy little lady. Sweet crab, creamy advocado, tart grapefruit! Mmmm I might have to try my own version!

Or maybe I would substitute the above, for one of these in the colder months; A ‘bug’ tail in wilted greens and yummy broth (sorry I do not remember the exact description!).

Then to the true heroes of the night. Ok, I am by no means a ‘dessert first’ kind of person- cheese platter me any day, but these are works of art!

‘mascarpone citrus cannoli, fraises des bois, pink grapefruit sorbet’

‘passionfruit souffle, passionfruit sorbet’; (So amazingly delicate! I doubt I will ever be able to achieve a soufflé!)

Incredible dessert wine and tea that you can literally pick straight from their garden.

How will ‘Heston’s Dinner’ stack up? Stay tuned to find out!

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