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Fresh Organic Juices!!

I love a fresh juice, there is nothing more refreshing than sipping, slurping or gulping down a glass! Whether it be a hot summers day or a chilly winters morning, I don't think anything beats it!

I have a few favourite combinations, I used to drink fruit only combinations, my favourite being orange, pineapple and mint; however I absolutely love to incorporate vegetables into any juice or smoothie I drink now! Fruit/vegetable combinations with carrot, lemon, ginger, spinach and even beetroot.

There are so many different juicers on the market and you really don't have to be a jucie expert to start creating your own combinations once you have one.  The only tip I have is increase the vegetable content in your juices, as this will lower the overall sugar content.

Most people when they juice will use 3-4 pieces of fruit to make a glass, however would not eat that amount in a sitting. Juicing takes away the fibre, so you are left with the juice extracted. So, increase the vegetable content.

I have been enjoying carrot, lemon, ginger, pear and apple juice, the colour is divine and the taste incredible - so experiment and use organic fruits and vegetables where you can to get the upmost out of your juice and the best nutrients for your body!

On my way home the other day, I stopped into Organic Feast in East Maitland and enjoyed an incredible juice at Momo Cafe - the food and sweet treats they serve are brilliant and use all organic ingredients in everything they can where possible. A highly recommended place to stop in if you are passing through!

Love xx


Making Your Own Raw Food Treats.

I like sweet things, always have and I am sure I always will, it gives me a buzz and a I feel happy especially when I bake, make or cook my own sweet treats!

I became hooked on raw food treats for a while (mostly when I went vegan), however I still like these foods and want to incorporate more sweet treats in teh form of raw foods.. I have a feeling once I become a bit more settled and get into a pattern I'll be doing loads of raw food treats for everyone to try! The best thing about them is they are so incredibly simple and require no baking!!
I have a feeling everyone around me is going to become hooked on these again!!!

 Today I made two different raw food treats and you can use any type of nut, I just used what I had - brazil nut and a macadamia/almond Fudge.. my favourite though is cashew!!

Easy to make and limited ingredients required:

Using a food processor, throw in 2 cups nuts (whichever you want to try it with - so your favourite), 1/3 cup cacao powder and a pinch of salt (celtic sea or himalyan salt - its pink!!) and BLEND!
I usually leave my nuts so they are a bit chunky, you can grind them up so they are like a fine powder but I personally think its much nicer chunky!

Next add the wet ingredients and blend: 1/4 cup organic coconut oil, 1/2 cup organic agave (light or dark) and 1-2 teaspoons organic vanilla.

I always put it into a pyrex container, with baking paper to line and then squish it down/ spread it in the container, pop the lid on and freeze it or stick in the fridge until very firm.
Alternatively, you can roll it into balls and then stick it in the fridge or freezer - delicious!




The Maca Superorb!!

Ask Beau and my mother, at the moment apart from spelt organic licorice which is my absolute favourite, I have found these amazing little vegan/gluten free/organic super food treats, which are just delightful!

Think of a peanut butter ball (well sort of - its much better) with cranberries thrown in, some seeds and agave to sweeten, it is devine and I just can't give it enough praise and to make it even better, its healthy!!

The maca root is a revitalising energy superfood of the Incas, containing over 55 naturally occurring, phyto-chemicals helping regulate hormones and the immune system.

Check out their website http://www.eridu.com.au/index.html, for all those Melbourians there are plenty of stockists near you, NSW we have to be lucky, Singleton Organics has them and I am so pleased!! Yummo!!

Not only is there a maca flavour, there are cacao, mesquite, lucuma, goji berry and cranberry - as yet I haven't ventured far as I fell in love with the maca and I have stuck by this!!

Hmm my photo doesn't do it justice - it was taken on my iphone and clearly the backround is in focus and not my maca superorb ball!! But you get the jist and the amazingness!!

Go and search out this super food and try it out; its perfect for a mid-afternoon snack if you feel like you need something sweet to pep you up!

Much love xx

Beginning this ‘Health Blog’ comes at a special time for me.  It was just over a year ago that I made the decision to embark on a healthier lifestyle that would benefit my body, mind and overall health. It had been a crazy year, I was constantly sick and run down and couldn’t seem to fight any bug that I got. I flew to Newcastle for an extended weekend in May to celebrate one of my best friend’s weddings(Emma). I was a bridesmaid and completely run down with a chest infection that had lasted 3 months. I was dosed up on antibiotics, cold&flu tablets and whatever drugs I could get my hands on to make me feel ‘normal’. Over the course of this weekend, I visited some close friends (Rach & Josh!!) in Newcastle who told me of the changes they had made and were making to their diets and lifestyle; I was intrigued and so impressed that I made some drastic changes in my life… & are still continuing to make these changes.

I studied Nutrition and Dietetics at Newcastle University; I have worked as a clinical dietitian in a variety of areas and have just embarked on postdoctoral study in the area of maternal reproduction and nutrition. I have a keen interest in health and alternative treatments and will use this blog to share my insights with you. So this is the beginning of sharing many interesting topics and conversations that will stimulate your own desire on a path to better health.

Much love xx

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